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restocking kitchen

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restocking kitchen

Hi everyone,

 I need some ideas on products to buy to restock my kitchen.  I have moved so much that I lost alot of stuff and now that we are settle I wish to restock properly.  What I do have is a KA mixer 2 big ceramic bowls and 2 smaller bowls, a pizza stone, cooling racks, pryrex loaf dish, castiorn loaf pan and 3 air bake sheets.  Thats about it except for a rolling pin made of nonstick plastic and a couple of spoons ect.  I know I had alot more that was handed down to me but alot broke or was lost or stolen.

 I have not bought baking stuff so I would like some suggestions to help fill up my kitchen.  I have lots of space in the new one and I know there are gadets and equipment that is new that I have not seen or heard of that would be a great thing to have but what is it?  I cook from scratch as we grow alot of veggis and I am in farm country.  So baking bread and making sauces we will be doing alot of once we get the right suppiles.  I know I am ok mostly for bread if it is basic but I wiant to make more than just basic. 

The only store close to us is in town which is a wlamart.  If I go to the city I have more choices but I have yet to see a kitchen place like I have in other cities in other states.  Might be that we have one just not found it yet, but going to the city is a big deal now as it is a drive.  I want to have a list ready so when we go I can look for stuff or I have to buy off the  net.  It has been a long time since I have had a full kitchen at least 8 years and I have moved 7 times in those years.  So any suggestions would be greatly appriecated.  I can really use the help as I get overwhelmed easily when in the store and do not know what I need or which to buy.

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I can think of all kinds of goodies...I love to collect everything for the goes..some suggestions!

A scale would be real handy,instant thermometer, canning equipment, measuring cups,spoons,peelers,ect.,nice knife set, set of stainless steel cookware,muffin pans, bundt pan,bread or loaf pans, glass bakeware, rubber lided containers, cutting boards, bowls and more bowls, I love my bread machine : ) for kneading mostly, mini convection oven, toaster,pastry cutter,brushes, potato masher, strainers, collanders,tongs, skimmer ladel, ladels,oven mits,tea towels,aprons.  I got rid of all my non-stick pots and pans...unhealthy!  Have fun and enjoy your new kitchen ... I bet you can find something everytime you go to the kitchen department.


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Mini Oven

assorted funnel set, wooden rolling pin, laundry baskets (oops), bannetons, bread baskets, little clips for reclosing packages, fingernail brush, pastry brush, Something to put the utinsils in.. large open pot or drawer dividers, dividing waste basket or sorter bins for recycle. Many knife sets don't include a BREAD KNIFE so be sure to check. A very nice tray to transport things to the dining, living or terrace. What you need to wash up dishes: sink mat drainer pan/rack and sponges or dishrags. Spice rack or drawer with appropiate containers. Designate a Baking cupboard and stock it full of stackable sealable containers. Labels and thick roll of clear tape, masking tape and a good permanent marker. Paper towel holder. Specialty dishes like wok, wok utinsils cooking chopsticks, rice cooker, popcorn popper for the Microwave, egg cooker, Blender or Mill or a coffee grinder. Baking parchment. Large stainless bowl or oven steamer... Shelf paper or drawer liners. Bench scraper, pizza cutter and a large pair of scissors.

Mini O

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I'm going to take the minimalist approach and identify the five items that really make my baking life a LOT easier.  I'm really talking about loaf breads here.

1. a digital kitchen scale - Many of the recipes on this site and in recent cookbooks measure ingredients by weight.  Flatly, I started doing the same and I'll never, never go back.  Why?  First, it's more precise and, thus, reliably scalable to any size.  Second, it's cleaner.  I don't have to use several different measuring vessels.  The dirtiest it gets is when I have to use two bowls: one for wet stuff and one for dry stuff.   Maybe another if I'm doing a preferment the night before.  But, I very rarely have to use measuring cups/spoons for baking.  Since you are close to Wal-Mart, then check out this option for $30.00:

2. an instant-read thermometer - Okay, this is really more of a luxury.  But I LOVE not having to guess whether a loaf or a cake is done.  I also measure the temperature of liquids and of certain doughs. $12.00 at

3.  Bench scraper - I just got one at Kitchen Collection for less than $4.00.  It's got a good wooden handle and a non-stick blade.  It has made cleanup on my formica countertops a breeze and is a must for handling slack doughs.  Best $4.00 I've spent in the kitchen.  Let me also tout  They have loads of stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap.  Their brand items are as good as the name brand stuff in most cases.  

4. Bread Knife - Here's where I would splurge.  No tool in my kitchen gets used everyday more than this one.  Since I bake all of our sandwich bread, that sucker gets a daily workout.  I have an old serrated knife whose brand has been long worn away.  It was my mom's so I use it as much out of nostalgia as I do efficacy!  However, if you were to post a "poll" asking about favorite bread knives, I'd bet you'd be overwhelmed with suggestions.  

5. Parchment paper - Whether lining loaf pans or transfering loaves, it has made my baking life SO much easier.  Wal-Mart = $4.00

I'm sure I'll think of ten more things in about ten minutes, but for now these are my favorites.

Happy Baking!

Sam in Alabam

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Just for bread, then the bench knife Sam mentions, a plastic half round scraper (so you can make Janedo's baguettes) and a dough whisk from Eric at breadtopia , which is an essential once you have it. 

And perhaps one of those tomato knives people like (that I can't get in the UK, drat it).



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This is great.  Hmm thermometer I know there are different kinds just have not found them.  Hubby got a meat one just a few weeks ago but I do not think tht will work well with baking things like bread and cakes.  Canning we do have on the list just for next year. 

Measuring cups and spoons now here is something I need info on.  Anyone know where Alton from Good Eats gets his plunger measuring cup?  I like that and the all in one spoon but have not found them local.

 My pots are Ok for now though I am replacing some since the non stick just does not last.  Have a good source for cast iron as we have a Lodge store about hour and half away.  SS pots I have yet to buy as the last one we got hubby hated.  Are there some brands to look for that are better than others?

 Need more loaf pans what kind is best here?  Ok, what is bannetons? Never heard of that.  I have never seen baking parchment for sale where should I look for it?

Baking cupboard this what I need the most help with.  About containers to store flours what is good for that?  I have never done it but left it in bag.  Just read a bag of my whole wheat and it says to refrig it so that might be a problem as we do not have a real large F/F.  We are buying another freezer chest type as new one is way too small.  Whoever came up with the new designs on them should be shot our freezer is much smaller than the frig side and it is a side by side.

Lets see I had a wooden rolling pin it was passed done to me, that I threw away from it been soiled.  I lived in FL at the time and we had a major bug problem I shall not say more on that.  Not a big fan of wood because of that any other materail good here?  I tend to stay away from wood things if I can because of growing up in FL.  I do not own and will not own a wood chopping block perfer the white plasitc ones.

I think I still have my old hand crank coffee grinder.  I do not drink coffee at all can't stand the stuff but hubby does in winter.  I think I kept it for herbs grinding and becuase it looked neat. LOL  Grew up with a chinese influance since mom had been over there before she met dad. So have the wok and stuff as I cook that way at least a few times a year.

Blender might be replaced as bottom plastic ring broke on it last time I used it.  That and food processor do not get used that much as I chop by hand alot.  Want a grind mill for KA mixer.  Do have meat grinder for it got that since we were making hamburger from left over meat cuts.

Ok this will sound stupid but what is a bread basket?  I have heard of bread box which you can't find anymore it seems but never a basket.  Was looking for as box a bit back when we were buying bread at local farm market and it was going bad fast.  Never did find one but found problem it was me and my very oily skin.  So now I do not touch loaf unless it has plastic or towel on it and I wash hands before touching to remove oils.  Ok this is long enough lots of good stuff here for me to make notes on.  Please keep it coming.

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If I were to add #6 it would be:

6. Bowl scrapers (like josordoni recommends).  I use them constantly and they can be found for $1.00 apiece.

Parchment paper will be in the section with the aluminum foil and plastic baggies at Wal-Mart.  Usually is close to freezer paper and waxed paper.

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Thanks for the KitchenCollection link needed that one.  I do have a scale it goes to 5lbs that I forgot to list.  At the time it was the only one walmart had in stock here.  Will put scraper on list as I can see that is very useful since we work on the island counter top.  Shall look for parchment paper next time at walmart.  Will be buying two thermometers with probes for I do not trust my oven temps.  Putting dough wisk on list from breadtopia.  That's a cool site also.


Oh my rolling pin is not plastic but metal is this OK?  Thanks for all the suggestions they are helping alot.

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I'd skip Walmart for the parchment and find a local restaurant supply store.  You can buy 50 full sheets of parchment for less than four bucks.  Cut them in half and you've got 100 sheets that will that can handle two good sized loaves, or fit on a cookie sheet.  The money you'll save can be used to buy more flour!

If your WalMart has groceries, when you purchase veggies you should double or triple bag them in those long green plastic (food safe) bags.  The bags are great for covering bowls or peels while proofing.

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Restaurant supply place please not here.  I am way out in the boonies no such thing around us.  The only stores we have is walmart and lowes as well as local grocery stores and with many other mom pop shops that will not help me with this.  Heck even for me to get to town which is small by my standards I have to travel 15 miles.  Thats how far out of town we are and the city gads thats a trip of over a half and hour one way.  Thats one reason I need to find good online sources for some stuff or make a list to go for when we go to the city.

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Here's a bare bones list from cookbook author and baker Rose Levy Beranbaum for baking cakes. But most of the items are also needed and/or useful for general baking including breadmaking. You'll appreciate that she's given online ordering sources in some cases.

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There are so many on-line shops that will ship your products. Why not try one? Breadtopia sells a bakers whisk, bannetons, cloches etc. I am sure other people here have also bought on line. If you want your baking goods to last, there are many sites, and you can avoid the annoyance of trying out cheaper products, before you find the really excellent products you will be happy with.

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Thank you all for all this great information it really is helping me out alot.  The websites are just what I need for where I am located.  Stuff I can wait on I will buy local.  Having this list I am making from all your suggestions is priceless for me. 

I could use some suggestions on containers what I have now are 2 metal canasters with the glass tops that flip lock(?).  Thats the best way I can describe them.  Is metal OK for holding flour?  They have a rubber seal under the glass top so seal nice and tight.  If the metasl is not OK I will change them to glass or ceramic.  I am trying to stay away from plastic as much as possible exspecially for long term storage.  By that I mean something over a week.

I hope to get a bread book in a few weeks as i need one of those also.  Just have to pay bills first. LOL

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I keep all my flours in large Le Parfait type french lock glass jars.  I can see how much there is inside and they are easy to wash, unlike the metal ones which I think can rust if you wash them?

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Hi, and welcome, I am also new here and find this site so helpful, as far as containers go I have a ton of lock and lock, they come in all sizes and some are perfect for flour etc. they also have the rubber type ring on the lids, they are airtight and leak proof, check out QVC for them,  also at walmart,some at target, but the best deals for sets are QVC. if you get the small 2 lb. sizes of specialty flours or whatever they also have the perfect containers for them.