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Mail order instant yeast

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Mail order instant yeast

I would like to get a pound-size package of insant yeast (approx 5-6 dollars retail). However, I find that the shipping costs more than the yeast itself. I am nearly ready to give King Arthur $12.00 to send me a package, but perhaps somebody here knows of an alternative.

I do see the Fleishman jar of "Bread machine yeast" in the grocery store; it has (I think) 8 or so ounces and costs about the same as the 1# package (which sadly in not found in the stores). Fleishman differentiates its "bread machine yeast" from its "Rapid rise yeast", which is further differntiated from Active yeast and yeast cakes. Does somebody know the difference between their "rapid-rise" yeast and their "bread machine yeast"? Also, is their bread machine yeast really the same thing as what Red Star calls "instant yeast"?

What are the 4 different processes that produce these four types of yeast:
cake yeast
active dry yeast
rapid-rise (Fleishman)
instant/bread machine?


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If you live in the states find someone with a Costco card. They sell 2 lb. packages of Red Star yeast for less than $10.00 (maybe less than $5.00, I can't remember.) I keep it in the freezer for about a year and then replace it, even though it is still good. I don't pre-mix it with warm water. I just throw it directly into the mixer and I have never had any problems with rising.

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Another source in the States is Sam's Wholesale Clubs (a warehouse store like Costco, but owned by Wal-Mart). They sell a package containing 2 1-1b. vacuum packs of instant yeast by Fleischmann. Like Kneadless, I use one while keeping the other stored in the freezer until it is needed. Or I split the purchase with other baking friends.

As a co-op member in Michigan some years back, I was able to buy yeast in bulk. I don't know where they sourced it, though.

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For the information about yeast:

If you buy a 1-lb bag of instant yeast, it is better to divide it into several portions (I put them in small bottles) and keep them in the freezer. When making bread, I just take out a tsp or so from a bottle and put the bottle back in freezer immediately. There is no need to "warm up" the yeast before using.