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yeast not blooming

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yeast not blooming

im trying to get some bread going but my active yeast isnt blooming. i dont know what im doing wrong but i seem to have this problem alot. i dont have a thermometer to test the temp of water but ive tried very hot to lukewarm, even a new brand this time. i usually throw the yeast in, then water, then salt and or sugar. any suggestions?? thanks alot.

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Are you sure you are using active dry yeast and not instant yeast because you will not get a "bloom" in water with instant yeast. 

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Larry Clark


 and have for quite awhile. I'm using Red Star Active Yeast from Costco and when I disolved it in water, it just sat there. I went to Costco and got a new, fresher bag and had the same result, so I used it anyway and it worked great and still does. Make a pankcake like batter with 1/4 tsp yeast and see what happens. Be very, very careful with water temps. That, more than anything else, has been the cause of most of my faillures. Your body temperature is around 98.6  so 100 degrees doesn't feel very warm at all.


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Do you mean you are adding salt to the yeast, sugar and water? All I have heard is that salt will kill the yeast. If you use instant SAF yeast there is no need to dissolve it first, just mix it with the flour, A.

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Just put the active dry yeast and sugar into the water, and add the salt later.  If the yeast and salt collide, the latter will knock off the former.

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Interestingly, since this problem started Ive been using that very same yeast from Costco.. hmmm..

Yes its definitely active.

Now that you put it that way (remember what my body temp is) I think itll be easier to guess at water temperature.

I will also try adding salt later. After I posted I actually went ahead and used the yeast in question and the rise was just fine. I guess the "bloom" isnt an accurate way to determine if its going to work anyways...