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Mozzarella di bufala and olive pizza

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Mozzarella di bufala and olive pizza

We finally got our hands on some mozzarella di bufala when we visited a Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor, MI this last weekend. The olives were yummy as well and from the "olive bar" at WFM. Can't wait to make these in the new brick oven!

Bufala Pizza 1

This one is just a variation, with pesto as the sauce instead.

Bufala Pizza 2


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Dang, that looks good.

It is only 9:15 in the morning and thanks to you I'm jonesing for pizza already!

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How's can I get the bubbling effect (with air pocket along the crust)of your pizza ?

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I tend to freeze my pizza crusts before I actually bake them. I think that helps almost over-relax the gluten so I'm able to just hold the dough in my hands, and it basically "falls" into a crust shape as I rotate it. Not much stretching required so it doesn't damage the dough as much. That's how I figure the nice air bubbles at least. As for recipes, both come from "American Pie", Peter Reinharts excellent book on his quest for the perfect pizza. I can send the recipes if you like (don't have the book with me at work).