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Hello From London

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Hello From London

Hi there,

My Name is Justyn and I've just joined this fantastic website! I have been an avid home cook for many years now and taken loads of classes in both Boulangerie and Patisserie techniques, but i find experiemneting at home to be the most beneficial and fun. I currently bake speciality cakes as a side business, but my real passion is Bread! Having grown up in Northen California and lived in San Francisco for a number of years, I like so many other mambers love a good sourdogh loaf!! I am hoping that this site will aid me in the search for the perfect recipe for the perfect loaf that hopefully will someday come out of my oven.. It's just a dream, but hey thats the fun of it all. You all imspire me soo much and I am planning what new types of bread I'll be making on each of my days off.. I did give the Italian Bread recipe a try the other day and below are the results. Pretty happy with the crust and crumb and it was so much fun to make as well. Next on the list is Maggie Glezer's "Acme" baking company bagguette!! Will let you know how it turns out..

Thanks again for all of your upcoming words of wisdom and support for fabulous bread!



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Welcome! I'm also rather new to THE FRESH LOAF. The only dowwside to this Forum is the fact that I spent too much time online during 'working hours' learning from everybody on the forum. I'm sure you'll find this to be a great site with very helpful people who share your passion.

Judging by the pictures you have posted, it looks like you will be teaching all of us a few things as well. Again, welcome.

Phxdog (Scott)

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Hello Justyn,

Welcome to TFL!!

It looks like you have the basics down. That's a nice looking loaf above. Do you bake any sourdough breads at this time? If not I'd suggest getting a starter sample from a known source or starting your own and start a feeding cycle so you can start using natural levain.

Having lived in SF, you no doubt have a memory of the sourness of wharf bread. It turns out that's an elusive flavor for those of us who don't want to enhance with commercial flavor additives. You can get there and make a pretty good Sourdough bread with a little patience. Search here for wharf bread for starters.

I look forward to seeing more of your work Justyn.



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Justyn, your bread looks great. Re: " a good sourdough loaf!!" you've come to the right place.  There are quite a few sourdough bakers on this site.  Welcome to the group. 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Thanks guys!

I have become obsessed this week with trying a ton of new recipes.. I have begun my sourdugh starter yesterday and used the recipe from the book, "Crust" by Richard Bertinet. It uses a base of:

50g Spelt Flour

150g Strong White flour

20g Organic Honey

150g Warm Water 

It has been sitting in a warm place for about 24 hours now and I have another 2 days beforeI feed it. Very excited to start making more complex breads!

Will keep you posted!! 

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Don't know if you've seen this video of Richard Bertinet, but you mentioned you were using Richard Bertinet's book.   Here's a clip showing him making sweet dough using his method.  The the same principle applies to other doughs.

Best of luck in your baking adventures.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL