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Shopping alert!

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Shopping alert!

Disclaimer: I have no business or financial relationship with, or interest in, Linens-n-Things.

My wife and I saw an ad for the Linens-n-Things store closing sale and stopped in to see what they had.  The store nearest us was already pretty picked over, but there were still some really good buys (40%-70% off) on the items that were still on hand.  We saw cookware, cutlery, KA mixers and other kitchen items, mostly with 40% markdowns.  Linens were nearly gone.

So, if there is a store near you that is closing down, you might want to hustle over there to see if any of the items on your wish list are available and priced attractively.


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I'd heard that they were closing, but I'd forgotten.  I must rush over in the daylight hours and check for a good find.