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Need to vent... (ebay purchase)

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Need to vent... (ebay purchase)

So I've done my research and I've decided on the kitchenaid K5SS mixer from the Hobart era. I've been looking for a while for the perfect mixer (or near perfect anyway). I find one with all the plastic lids, and it even had the original quited case!!! I win the bid and start counting the seconds until I get it. A package arrives Wed. I run down and see a big box. I pick it up and it's around 5 pounds. Uh-Oh.... I open it and it's about a dozen food-processor knives that someone else had won for $20. I get the wrong package!!! The seller tells me to wait for him to get ahold of the other buyer... I even write to the other buyer and so far, no response.

 At worst case, I'll get my money refunded and keep looking for another one, but dang, I was sooo wanting to make up a couple loaves.


Update:   I got my mixer (great mixer).  The person that got my mixer (and I got her food-processor knives) mailed my mixer directly to me.  Since then (as of last week), I emailed her asking for her adderess that she'd like me to mail her knives to. So far, no response.  I guess I'll just have them sit on the corner of my desk until I hear from them.


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Even if it does get straightened out, all that time wasted in frustrated anticipation!

At least, Mike, you can take out your frustration by hand-kneading a batch.