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"Wheat"-Free Pizza

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"Wheat"-Free Pizza


Trying a blend of flours for pizza dough. While not actually Wheat-Free, since the dough contains a 50:50 blend of kamut and brown rice flours, I am hoping that I can tolerate it. For anyone with Celiac Disease or if gluten intolerant, then this would be a No-No!. I can handle some wheat, so hopefully the kamut, along with its reduced content in the dough, will render it OK for me.

Kneading was possible, due to the 50% Kamut, and the dough held together quite well - hand kneaded for about 10 minutes. A little like kneading "sand in a balloon", not that I do that often, but you could sort of feel and hear the sandiness of the rice flour. Made me think of some of those toy "skooshy balls", that had some type of moldable gritty material inside.

Went for a slow rise about an hour ago, and it is Alive!

Here's hope that it will handle and bake somewhat like regular pizza dough, and that it will not be too dry to eat when done. Results to follow............................