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earth oven final layer - lots more pics

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earth oven final layer - lots more pics

with the help of my dad and sister, i finished the insulation layer on the oven. the only thing left to do now is a plaster layer - which won't affect the performance. that means baking can begin as soon as this layer is dry enough.

before we applied the final layer, though, i ran a cook of four pizzas.

we gobbled the pizzas after they came out, so this is the only "cooking" photo.  i used parchment paper because i don't have all the oven tools yet, and couldn't clean out the ash.  my sister is fabricating most of them for me (she is an artist and metalsmith), so i should have all i need soon, well under my $200 budget:

a few days later we put on the insulation layer, a 5 inch thick layer of mud, sand and straw.

here we are mixing:

here's the final layer. we were all covered in mud with no one to take pics of the process, so i only have a photo of the end result:

i'm going to build the door this week, and with the weather as hot as it has been, it should be ready to bake by friday.

wish me luck, and thanks for all your support.


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Shimpiphany, That's a nice looking project! Way to go getting it finished up to the insulation layer. Thanks for sharing your progress photo's, I know many of us want to build one and you are providing motivation.

I'll be looking for your stories of what you learn from the firing and baking process. 



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 Fantastic! I can't wait to see it finished, and more pizza and bread from your oven.