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Apricot Dumplings, Marillenknödel

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Mini Oven

Apricot Dumplings, Marillenknödel

 pitted and stuffed with a sugar cube before wrapping tightly with potato dough, a true Austrian delight!

Apricot dumplings: A true Austrian delight!  Just in time for Apricot season (northern hemisphere)

A few things to remember before getting started: The dough is 2/3 cooked potatoes combined with 1/3 other ingredients by weight. Potatoes should be the flaky type or bake type potatoes and boil one or two extra to make sure there are enough. Apricots can be fresh, frozen and even slightly on the firm side. One can carefully remove the pits and place a sugar cube inside larger fruits, this works esp. well for freezing. Apricots, peaches or cherries are all posible. Crumbs may include grated nuts as well.

You will need:

potatoes 700g, AP flour, one egg, salt, butter, a large fry pan, a large pot for boiling, work surface, & about 750g fruit or 12 apricots, a slotted spoon, sugar.


Potato Dough:

  • 500g potato; boiled, hot or one day old, peeled and put through ricer, grated or fork mashed very fine.
  • 165g flour
  • 5g salt
  • 1 egg
  • 15g unsalted butter


  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 70g bread crumbs


Grate fine or put potatoes thru a ricer. Combine loosely and evenly with flour and salt and make a hole in the middle. Add egg and bits of butter. Now pinch and quickly knead into a nice firm dough, no added flour, remove or squish any lumps. Roll out into a log and divide into 60g lumps for apricots and 40g for cherries.

Set a large pot of salt water to boil, you will want to cover the dumplings and they should just swim and not touch the bottom, about 1/3 to 1/2 full of water with about a teaspoon of salt.

Roll each lump into a ball and then into a disk with the middle slightly thinner than edges. Now you can use just a little flour in the palm of one hand to help shape lump and keep it from sticking while you place each fruit into dough. Press & stretch the dough tightly around each fruit trying to prevent any air pockets. Seal opening and roll slightly in hands to make round. Set aside and repeat for next fruit until all are prepared. (They can be frozen or refrigerated at this point. If using frozen fruit, it is recommended to boil right away to retain shape.)

When water is boiling, give it a good stir so it is moving and slip dumplings in on a wet spoon. Set timer for 15 minutes. Turn or jar pot often to prevent sticking. After water has returned to boiling reduce heat to softly roll the dumplings as they boil. Meanwhile, heat up a large fry pan and brown crumbs in melting butter. The trick here is not to let them burn so stir often and turn off heat before they're done, the heat in the pan will continue to brown them. Set the pan aside or nearby.

When the dumplings have boiled 15 min, gently transfer with a slotted spoon into the crumbly pan. Pick up the pan and with a rotating motion rolling the balls into the crumbs coating them as you play. Remove onto a serving plate or smaller plates and serve warm with fine sugar. Variations may include serving with Vanilla sauce or Vanilla ice cream. Three make a meal, one a dessert. I made 8 Apricot and 8 cherry.


 it's antique but works great!

Put potatoes thru a ricer... or whatever and fluff in flour & salt

 potato is all crumbly like

Add egg and butter...and start squishing and kneading

 really a nice dough to work with

knead: ..and take a picture at the same time ...until uniform  

 thinner in the middle

Shape a disk

 yes, it's frozen

shape and fill

 until it's wrapped around evenly

...and press around until closed up and sealed

boil and brown

boil and brown at the same time

 throw 'em in wet and naked!

rock and roll until coated ... then serve up piping hot!

Apricots and Cherries!

Apricots and Cherries! Yum yum!





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 Wow, these look incredible! Thanks for the wonderful photo tutorial.


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Mini Oven

Time to whip up a batch again! 

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Wow, those look spectacular. Thanks for the post.

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Dearest Floyd: Please make us these! :)

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I swear, you have more tricks up your sleeve!! We can always count on you to treat us to some new creation. Thanks for sharing..

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Oh Mini, you are clever! What a delicious treat you present. Your post is so complete I have no excuse for not trying them.


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Mini Oven

What a nice treat to open my eyes to this morning!  Thanks for reading my post.  What with all the apricots on the market now and the apricots here soon to get ripe... hope the timing is about right.  I thought my cherry knödeln could have been a little more sour, they also might be good with chocolate sauce.   Once you've made them, you will see how easy they are to make.  And they reheat easily in the Micro too!  With the kids camping, it seems like I ate dumplings all weekend, but I loved it!

Mini O

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because it looks lethal.  ;)

Mini-O, you have outdone yourself this time.

Thanks for sharing.

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Oh Mini, the picture brings back wonderful memories for me.  My grandmother (and my mom, too) would make these for a light dinner.  We also would eat the Hungarian version, Silvas Gomboc, which are the same potato dumpling dough filled with Italian prune plums.  We would sprinkle the cut open dumplings with cinnamon sugar.  Yum!

Now that pretty good apricots are available in my local produce stand, I'm feeling inspired... ;-)




Philadelphia PA

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Mini Oven

to round out a meal... mixed vegetable with lots of broth, then to be followed by a steaming plate of these.  I also prefer to add sugar after cutting open.  It melts on contact and makes a nice syrup with the fruit juices.   I've not yet made them with plums but now, Windi, you've inspired me!  I've got a young prune plum tree in the garden.

Mini O

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Mini Oven

I wrote in the beginning 2/3 potato and 1/3 flour...ah...not true. It is true that the dough came out to about 750 g (500g potato) but the flour amount is much smaller than 1/3. I don't know how that happened but it works beautifully so don't mess with the recipe. Embarrassing...

I bought a small tray of local apricots today. Some are headed for the freezer.

Mini O

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My Hungarian-Czech mom would make these with pitted prunes too.  My job was minding the bread crumbs and rolling the dumplings in them as Mom lifted them out of the boiling water.  She would sometimes add some cinnamon to fine sugar and sprinkle this over the bread-crumbed dumpling before serving (I guess cinnamon ice cream would work just as well too...).  Anyway, your tutorial brought back memories!

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Mini Oven

That sounds too good!  I had the last batch with Caramel Creme Ice Cream: "Zarte Liebe!"

The way the cold ice cream melts and oozes onto the warm apricot and swirls together is just too hard to discribe!

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My Croatian family makes these too with prunes, cherries and apricots. There a a billion recipes out there for them. The one we use, is a farmer's cheese base, but I've done it with potato base as well as just a flour base. It's a family favorite here... a bit time consuming, but worth it. With the cheese dough, it's more of a meal.


We do the bread crumbs topping, but have cinnamon sugar on the side for people to sprinkle on as they wish.

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Mini Oven

Would be nice to see the pictures, are they lost? 

Can I repost them from my files here?  ...and how to do it?