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A weekend of Bread...

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A weekend of Bread...

I started out on Saturday morning creating a fresh starter using 75% water to flour.

I moved on to a lunch loaf and a couple of baguettes.
Lunch Loaf & BaguettesCrumb

On Sunday it was a four strand platt, a lunch loaf and a couple more baguettes, however when proofing the platt dropped on to the baguettes. One baguette survived and the other was put aside to use for pizza later on in the day. The little bread roll was by my two year old daughter. I forgot to take a photo of the finished platt, I took it to my parents place to eat while watching some football it only lasted 15 minutes. I also forgot to take a photo of the finished pizzas, they were thoroughly enjoyed as well :-)
Four Strand PlattLunch Loaf & BaguetteDead BaguettePizza Base

I also added some malt to my starter in the morning which resulted in quite a lot of activity by the afternoon. (Images deleted...)
I suppose it doesn't look like much but I spent all weekend making and eating bread...


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Only someone who doesn't bake bread would say that that
doesn't look like much. I'm sure we all can appreciate
how much time that took! Ah...but the rewards are great!

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I couldn't help myself, I had some dough left over from yesterday so I used it making more today.

My main formula if anyone is interested...
  • 100% -- Bakers Flour
  • 57% -- Water
  • 2% -- Salt
  • 1% -- Olive Oil
  • 1% -- Malt Extract
  • 1% -- Bread Improver
  • 1% -- Yeast