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Victoria sponge with coffee filling

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Victoria sponge with coffee filling

Victoria sponge with coffee filling,,, qahtan

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mmmm coffee filling?  Care to share the recipe?

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Heat oven 375 F 

 6 ozs flour all purpose

 1/2 teas baking powder

 3 eggs

 6 0zs soft butter

 6 ozs sugar.

 sift B P into flour. cream sugar and butter, add egg 1 at a time, fold in flour.

 divide into pans and sprinkle top with sugar, bake about 30 minutes plus or minus as required. cool on rack.

When cold blend 3 ozs butter with about 1 cup icing sugar, add strong/ strong black

  coffee to taste, mix well spread over one sponge place other on top. dust with icing sugar. qahtan 

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What was it baked in..a couple ramekins? Thanks qahtan!

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Line 2x18cm/7in cake tins with baking parchment

from this Google search recipe...

or...Divide equally between two 15cm (6 inch) sandwich tins.

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but then ANYTHING coffee flavored is a winner in my book. 

Yes, please share with us what you used to bake these treasures and in the meantime zip me the leftovers. 

Yummy. :)

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 Well actually I divided it between 3 small 6 inch pans. as I had intended to save 2 in the freezer until the first one was eaten, there's only 2 of us. But in the end I sandwiched the two as you can see. I also managed a  very small 3 inch sponge that I put home made strawberry jam into, which we ate as a sampler. :-)))

If you want to make this with cake and pastry flour it comes out a little lighter, but I tend to use whatever is closest at the time. Also if you use a good margarine (I don't I hate the stuff) but if you do it gives you a better cake to keep in the fridge because of the butter cream,

I have even made it with Bakers flour, it can be made into a chocolate sponge. qahtan