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Proofing Baskets & Couches

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Jeff M

Proofing Baskets & Couches

I did not want to blather on like an idiot on one of the TFL blogs. However I have been looking for months for different supplies and like many tried and several sites but none have worked out.

Then on Tuesday night I read a comment on one of the TFL blogs that stated almost in passing similar to "Oh by the way" I found proofing baskets on the San Francisco Baking Institute website.

So I checked them out and sure enough they had a link to TMB Baking in South San Francisco.  TMB carries proofing baskets, linen for couches, and lames (bread slashing tools).  I just placed an order for two proofing basking baskets and one yard of linen.

You should find TMB very interesting even for the home baker.  They are the friendliest people you could ask for.

TMB Baking

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 I, too, found them quite by accident about a year ago.  A wonderful resource for all bakers!

 With kindest regards,

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what is the linen for? please T xx

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Hi, Trudy

The linen is used as a couche. It's a little hard to explain clearly, so go here:

and scroll down to her Item #8, where you will see a piece of linen folded up and used as a couche for rising bread. There is also a good explanation.

And sorry no-one yet has come up with a recipe for your potato bread. It's a matter of catch-as-catch can; I'm sure if someone had such a recipe they would have been happy to send it to you.

Welcome to TFL. There are no ignorant people here -- just beginners and otherwise. We all have someting to learn from someone further along in the process.



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1.5lb Capacity  on TMB - $17.25 ?????

weird pricing.  same thing fully cane on = 6.5€ = 10.4 US$


grtz kees