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Looking for a Deep Dish Pizza Pan

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Looking for a Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a good pizza pan for deep dish. I'm not sure about size so let me know anything. I've tried to find a cast iron for their wonderful radiance of heat but those do not seem to be available. The next best guess I have is one of the heavy 16-gauge alluminum pans. Let me know what has worked for you, brands, and places to buy from. Thank you very much!


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Why not simply use skillets - Amazon sells sets of Hauck cast iron skillets every Friday for next to nothing.  Alternatively you could use 9" cake forms, there're some pretty heavy ones out there - mine are CuisinArt and they weigh like steel.  And 9" is about the size of Giordano's.

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I haven't purchased one yet but I believe I saw an aluminum one at a great cook's supply website I use sometimes for things I can't find locally. Try They have some wonderful pans, tools , etc. there. The shipping price is pretty reasonable but it takes awhile for it to get here.


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Thanks for the link to Fantes.  Looks like they've got lots of great "stuff".  I have a real weakness is collecting "stuff". 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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We would have no space at all! I love cooking "stuff" too - I am the best rationlizer when it comes to convincing myself that I really need whatever gizmo or pan that it is I want =).


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"I am the best rationlizer when it comes to convincing myself that I really need whatever gizmo or pan that it is I want =)." 

Uhhh ... You might have some competition for the title of "best rationalizer" for getting yet another kitchen toy.  

Hmmm .... What might be the prize? It's gotta be some kitchen gadget. Oh, well. I probably already have it in 3 different sizes. 


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Doughboy, have you checked your local sporting goods stores? Any good store that sells camping equipment will have a display of Lodge cast iron skillets and other products.

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Cake pans would work well for deep dish pizzas. I use 10-12 inch pans made by Magic Line.

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You can ge the large ones sometimes pretty cheap on ebay if you keep your eyes open. We use them for everything.

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cheesecake man

Look at  they specialize in pizza supplies, look around and you will find pans up to 3" deep in virtually any size you want.  Good luck!

Cheesecake man

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 You could look up the local used restaurant supplies sources and see if you can find cake (or deep dish) pans. Used works just as good as new for a whole lot less.

Here are a few possible (North American) brands you might want to do a search for, they're all available online somewhere but you may be able to locate a local source.

Chicago Metallic, they make all sorts of pans as well as bagette trays.

Another brand name to look for is Amco. 

There's also a new line of pans called "Fat Daddios" which people quite like (I poke about the cake world as well).

Wilton cake pans can be found at any Michaels Craft store and if you clip out the coupon from your local paper, get 40% off any one item each week.  

Don't forget to hit your neighbourhood discount/remainder retailer - up here in Canuckistan, we have one called "HomeSense" that buy up lots of end of line or seconds and I've seen Cuisinart cake pans there, as well as other no-name brands. 

Hope this helps a bit. 


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Interesting. Certainly as of 12 months ago both King Arthur and Chefs Catalog had purpose-made cast iron Chicago deep dish pizza pans in their catalogs. Now I can't find any there or any of the usual North American sources.

I am sure any Lodge cast iron skillet of appropriate size would work. I use my aluminum cake pans, but I think that leads to the edge crust being over-done personally.


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Ok so I'm looking at a few of these sites you gave me (and they have really great stuff, thanks). What do you recommend for depth and diameter of the pans? I have not tried a deep dish yet but I am not sure how deep you want your pan. Do I want 1.5 in deep, 1.75 in, 2 in, etc. What do you recommend for a depth of pizza? I'm going to look at my recipe for the diameter it gives. Thanks a ton though for all the advice already.


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Paddyscake The inventor (Gary, if I remember correctly, has posted here in the past). Scroll down a bit and you can see he uses a springform pan..for a really DEEP dish pizza.