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Hallo from Houston

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Hallo from Houston

Hi everyone!

I'm Mona Peterson from Houston, TX. I'm so happy to found this community, I love cooking and gardening. HOpe I learn a lot from here.


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I'm glad you found The Fresh Loaf.  Our host, Floyd Mann, keeps the site working while the rest of us drop in with our latest baking adventures and misadventures.

There is an enormous amount of data that has accumulated over the years since the site began.  One of the easiest ways to access it is to use the Search tool in the upper right-hand corner of most pages.  Type in whatever interests you, whether sourdough croissants or Pullman pans or cinnamon rolls or something else entirely, then click the button labeled Search.  You'll get page after page of posts about that topic.

If, after looking through the archives, you have a question that still needs an answer, just ask.  Someone is bound to know the answer or know where to find it.

Enjoy your time here.  I look forward to hearing about your bakes.