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20% Rye Sourdough Shokupan Sandwich Bread

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20% Rye Sourdough Shokupan Sandwich Bread

My best attempt yet in my quest to make the fluffiest, shreddiest healthy-ish whole grain imbued shokupan: this 20% Rye Shokupan.

Recipe is adapted from Benito's Mochi SD Hokkaido Milk Bread recipe, a great recipe - all props to benito.

Because I am lazy I cut some steps to simplify the process a bit - namely, I poured boiling water directly from my kettle instead of heating up milk (I know - it changes the composition somewhat) and I baked the bread all in one step instead of taking it out of the tin for further baking. I also had more sourdough starter to use up so I modified the stiff sweet starter amounts.

Aside from that, the main difference is the use of whole grain rye flour for the tangzhong/yudane. This bread I am quite pleased with but later attempts to raise the rye flour content were unsuccessful - gah! I really hope to develop a high-percentage super shreddy rye day...

The hardest part of making this bread is getting the proofing right. Almost all of my shokupan failures come from overproofing. I find shokupan dough to be much less forgiving than other lean doughs, which I can chuck in the fridge if I need to go out. Further thoughts and written recipe/recipe card here on my blog, or you can follow benito's recipe above and just change the mochiko to rye.


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This looks fantastic just like this type of bread is supposed to look.  Rye will definitely cause your dough to ferment quicker than wheat flour.


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I’m so pleased that you baked this lovely bread, it turned out so well.  The crumb and crust and everything about it looks great.  It reminds me that I’ve been meaning to try a milk bread using a rye tangzhong for a while now.  Nice bake Hellen.


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Thanks Benny, I have definitely found baking soft breads with whole grain flours to be a challenge. For my next shokupan/milk bread bake I think I will attempt 100% whole wheat. I've tried 100% spelt before but it didn't really work out (the texture was off) but hopefully whole wheat flour will work out better!