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Help Please Recipe High Fibre Wholemeal Bread

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Help Please Recipe High Fibre Wholemeal Bread

High Fibre Wholemeal Bread by Odlums

The recipe looks easy...

Not sure what whole grain flour she used

Is it possible to use Oat Bran instead of wheat bran

Would like to use less of wheat flour if possible. Read somewhere there wont be much rise, is it possible to add some sourdough

Please help thank you very much for reading my post

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I just watched the video, and discovered there was a link to the recipe (I clicked on "more" directly beneath the video). The recipe uses Odlums stone ground coarse wholemeal flour. If you don't have access to that, I suspect any quality wholemeal flour would work. 

As for the substitution, you could certainly try it. This is a pretty wet dough and I suspect there would be plenty of moisture for oat bran. Just know that if you are substituting both flour and bran the final bread may be a little different. Likely still very tasty though! 


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It's a soda bread, as such it's going to be tolerant to variations in the ingredients.  Using oat bran instead of wheat bran should be fine.  The dough is very wet and has to be scraped into a loaf pan, so the exact amount of liquid won't matter much either.

The recipe uses several named products but you won't have to use those exact brands.  An example is the baking soda.

Because you might end up using a different brand of wheat flour, and the oat bran, and because not all yogurts are the same, you may need to bake it longer than the recipe specified to drive out most of the moisture.  Or shorter, but that's not too likely.  So be prepared for that.


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Thank you very much justkeepswimming and tpassin for watching the YT I will look out for where i can get stone ground flour and oat bran for the recipe and fingers crossed it will perhaps turn out fairly edible.

Appreciate your responses - thank you

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You can use oat bran instead of wheat bran. Just keep in mind that it might slightly alter the texture of the bread and require a small adjustment to the liquid ingredients, since oat bran absorbs more moisture than wheat bran.