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Underfermented vs raw sourdough croissant

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Underfermented vs raw sourdough croissant

I think I’ve tracked down that I’m underfermenting my croissants. But I’m wondering if these are edible. I’m running into underfermented vs completely raw with the former being safe to eat but not the raw dough! 

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In your pictures, the insides look like they gelled but didn't fully cook.  If they got to gelatinization temperatures, they should be safe to eat from a bacterial standpoint.  I don't know who would enjoy eating them, though. I'd say these needed to bake longer, and maybe at a higher temperature.

I don't see how it's anything to do with any underproofing. The unseparated layers *might* suggest underproofing but the separation that you did get counters that.  I think the interiors just didn't get hot enough to puff.  It's also possible that your handling and shaping of the laminated dough forced some of the layers together too forcibly. Again, that's not related to the degree of proofing.


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I can't help you, but I have a lot of sympathy for you. Those looked like they were going to be sooo good!