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Gluten-free greetings from Netherlands

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Gluten-free greetings from Netherlands

Hello everyone!

I've been baking at home with gluten-free flours for about 10 years now, due to having celiac disease. Recently I rediscovered the old video of Jim Lahey's no knead bread, and I got inspired: it's time to figure out how to do this without wheat.

I have plenty of experience with baking gluten free cakes, but not breads. I can really only bake one or two types of sandwich loaf consistently. Nothing that you'd call "artisan". Usually my loaves spread flat without a tin.

I'm completely new to sourdough and technical stuff like calculating hydration. There are some excellent posts on TFL! I'm looking forward to working through some of your recipes, especially from the gluten free community bake.

If you have questions about gluten free cakes, or about Dutch or Australian recipes &/or ingredients, feel free to ask.


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Moe C

Since you offered help....perhaps you could take a look at this thread. Donna Kohler is trying to duplicate Dutch brown bread. The link should take you to her first post, although she did not start the thread. I realize you do not eat wheat, but perhaps have some inside information about this bread.

Thanks, and hope you get some good ideas on the gluten-free front.