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15 years later I found the doctor who I met on TFL!

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15 years later I found the doctor who I met on TFL!

Hi, I had to create a new account. I joined TFL in 2008 (I think I might also have visited the site before I joined, I actually don't remember.) I still bake, especially sourdough, but at some point I ended my email and switched to Gmail and could not longer log in, despite visiting the site on occasion. Here's the twist: I live in Brooklyn. In the early days of TFL, I connected with someone and I invited her to my home as she wanted to know how to make sourdough starter and she was a doctor in the hospital in my general area. She stopped by and I gave her some starter and some directions. We have never connected since. About 14 or 15 years later I was diagnosed with cancer (a year and a half ago, I'm really good now thank God) and needed surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. I did not go to a hospital in my neighborhood but instead traveled to a different hospital in Manhattan. One day while I was receiving chemo, my oncologist  connected me to another specialist and in walks this person I met on TFL! She didn't recognize me, but I recognized her (she also has a memorable last name) and I told her who I was. We were both amazed. Meanwhile, she's been a great doctor and I feel the extra connection and sense of caring might be due to TFL (although in truth, she's nice to everyone.) P.S. I have never before or since invited anyone I have met online to my home. That would be crazy, right? :) So happy to be back. Even though it seems there isn't quite as much activity as in the early days, Floyd has done such an amazing job keeping this site going and I am looking forward to perusing the forums of the past decade or so. 

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Welcome back, glad to meet you and learn you are doing well.


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It's pretty amazing how some of those connections in life work out. It's especially good when they provide some measure of encouragement during a hard time like that.  

Best wishes!