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Dough sticking to the basket's picture

Dough sticking to the basket

Hello - 

For some reason, every time I pull the bread from the fridge after an overnight slow-rise, no matter how much flour a dust on the sides of the proofing baskets, the dough always sticks and flops out loosing it's shape. Sometimes I get a good oven spring, but often not. 


Can someone please tell me why the dough sticks and spreads after a slow rise?

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White or light rye flour is better for dusting than wheat flour. Cotton or linen liners also help. The best are called Cleanbake, made in Germany, (but difficult to source) and need no flour.

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Thank you. I'm using a mix of white and rice flour for dusting and putting it on pretty heavily. And the cotton liners were sticking more than the bare basket for some reason. I'll check out Cleanbake!

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If your dough can support it, you could retard it free-standing, covered lightly with a plastic sheet or some other cover.  

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Mini Oven

Perhaps the dough is just too wet.  

And it could be the dough is too far along to be retarded overnight. Flipped out risen dough collapsing sounds like it proofed too long to me.

I get some success using those cloth like large paper table napkins as liners.

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Mini Oven

Is the rising in the fridge/basket the first rise?

please explain

or is the cold dough reshaped and placed into the basket to rise?