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Granite Stones for KoMo Mio

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Granite Stones for KoMo Mio

Does anyone know of a granite or other stone that does NOT release grit into freshly milled flour?

We have a brand new KoMo Mio that releases enough grit into our flour that it is a serious concern for my dental issues. My Mechanic/Machinist husband could retro fit some new stones for the KoMo to replace the shedding corundum burrs. We waited nearly 6 months for our new mill to arrive, and are deeply disappointed in the grit that it releases into our flour.

So, what stone is the least prone to releasing grit when used? 

Thanks in advance to all who share ideas!

Blessings, KittyJ


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I cured the issue with my Mock by running 1 cup of rice through it multiple times. I started very coarse and gradually became finer. Worked great.

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How tight are you setting the stones? If you run it without any grains, it shouldn't sound like the stones are grinding against each other. The Komo Mio doesn't have very intuitive settings for grind size, but what I do is start the motor well above what I know to be the finest setting (if the spout faces you, I would put the dot on the SW corner), and then turn it down click by click until you hear them touch, then back off a click.

If you've already been setting the grind size correctly, I second the rice suggestion. I've never had a problem with my mill producing grit (and maybe you should contact the seller/manufacturer about replacement stones), but I have used rice to clean the stones when they've gotten gummed up from trying to grind grain that was a little too moist. If there are rough bits on the stone that are coming off when they hit the wheat, rice should clean them off more quickly since it's harder.

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You should not be getting grit in your flour and if you are the rice lotion should fix it or you need to contact the manufacturer for replacement stones.

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First, I'd like to thank those that responded. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Yes, Fredsbread, the way you described setting the stones to grind on the KoMo Mio is the same way I've done it. 

I've been running plain white and brown rice through the mill. Hopefully, that will knock off any uneven bits and the next time I grind Khorasan wheat for breadmaking, it will be grit free. I've always used an impact mill and never had such issues such as grittiness in the flour. My current impact mill is the Nutrimill Classic. It grinds wonderfully, but the flour catch basin doen't hold the flour from about 9-10 cups of Khorasan wheat without stopping mid-point and emptying the freshly ground flour before finishing. The KoMo Mio is so much more convenient! Here's hoping it will be a welcome addition to my breadmaking routine!

Thanks everyone!


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Take a look at this volcanic sandstone rock, also known as basalt. It's really dense and tough, which means it's less likely to wear down or crumble into little pieces as it gets ground up over time.