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The Panettone cooling / hanging rack

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The Panettone cooling / hanging rack

Panettone needs to be cooled upside down after baking to maintain its fluffy texture and prevent it from collapsing. Here's why:

Preserves the Dome Shape: Cooling panettone upside down helps maintain its iconic dome shape

Prevents Collapse: The delicate and airy texture of panettone can collapse if left standing upright after baking. Cooling it upside down prevents this collapse

Allows Even Cooling: Cooling upside down ensures that the entire panettone cools evenly, preventing any uneven settling or condensation

Preserves Natural Yeast: Panettone contains natural wild yeast, and cooling upside down helps distribute it evenly throughout the bread, enhancing flavor and texture

we create the solution for the rotative oven : the panettone cooling trolley, complete with trays with lock pins . with it you can put dough inside moulds , leaven , bake and cooling upside down your panettones , all inside rack.

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trolley for cooling panettone upside down




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