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Whole Grain Bialys - Janie's Mill

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Whole Grain Bialys - Janie's Mill

86% whole wheat and 14% whole rye at 76% hydration.  The formula calls for blending two different whole wheat flours but you could probably get away with using one for all the whole wheat flour.  Here's my first batch:

Whole Grain Bialys - Janie's Mill from Maritime Bread - Photos

Any idea why the tops of the bialys have a different color/texture than the bottoms?  I didn't sprinkle any flour on the tops.  The bialys did spend the night before baking in the fridge, covered with just a dishtowel.  Maybe the tops were a little drier?



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Pris (not verified)

Howdy, I just discovered Janie's Mill this weekend!  Nobody has responded to you so I'll provide my observations.

When I looked at your photo my first thought was the tops are dusted with flour ... but you say not, and since they spent the night in your fridge, and my guess is that your fridge and freezer are "frost-free" ... the white tops are indicative of FREEZER BURN.  Which means your dish towel wasn't damp, or damp enough, and the tops dried out from your dishtowel wicking moisture away from the dough.

Looking at the photos on the Janiesmill website from your link, the first photo the tops are overcooked IMO, those things look hard/tough, dried out and unappetizing to me (that's just me) but where yours are dried-out white, theirs have a soft gloss unachievable with the listed ingredients, could be from fats/oils in the filling, who knows, being it's a picture on the i-net maybe it is a picture of some other person's product.  Scrolling down, the next picture looks totally different and much more appetizing.

IMO try again, but this time don't leave it in the fridge overnight, or put a sheet of plastic over a damp dish towel to prevent it from drying out.  And make a much bigger dent to put more filling so each bite gets some filling.  Looks like you tried onions, use with something greasy: apples, onions and sausage, for example.  Or ginger, pears, walnuts and butter.  I'm making myself hungry.  :D