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Hello from Glide, Oregon

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Hello from Glide, Oregon

Hi everyone,


I am happy to have discovered this forum! Right up front, I am NOT the baker! My lovely wife is the one who does the baking, mostly sourdough and variants, breads, rolls, even pancakes and waffles! If she can get sourdough in it, it gets made! She also has exceptional pie and desert abilities. Just ask me...


Again being forth coming, I have a mixer I'd like to offer up for sale to the group. It started out as she made a comment about how the Kitchenaid stand mixer works great, but sometimes wanted a bit more more capacity. Me being the woodworker gearhead over-do-it creature I am, found and purchased this mixer sight unseen.

Now I know how large a Hobart H 600T really is!


Too big for our needs.


So it is up for sale. Its the single phase 115/230v model, currently wired for 115v. 1978 vintage. Its been to the Hobart service center in Eugene, OR for a quick once over and changed to 115v operation. If anyone is interested, please ping me via my Email and I can provide much more detail including pictures, video of it running, and pictures of the numerous implements. I can also answer any questions.


Back to the shop, I acquired and rebuilt a Hobart A200. At 20 quarts, much more in line with her needs. That's where I first found the group - looking at pictures of various A200 rebuilds and puzzling out some of the more complex assembly problems. There is some very nice work done in this group, in the shop as well as the kitchen!

Many thanks!