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flatbreads and more

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flatbreads and more

Just to update my blog,

I recently made 2 kinds of breads. First was a barley stout bread (malt syrup, rye, wheat, barley grains and ...Stout! :) ). Nice aroma with a slightly taste.

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The other is a maneesh zatar (in the front) and pitas.

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The zatar spice blend adds a wonderful aroma. Mmmm


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Joe Fisher

Stout bread!! I want to pick that sucker up, and just tear into it with my teeth. That looks delectable! Can you share a recipe?


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This is a loaf that I made a while ago, I put ale in it
to see if/what it did... qahtan

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I haven't tasted ale in my life though...hehe... but i should try it one day, with the pretext of cooking with it. :P

Well, i'll roughly tell the amounts and method, coz i didn't measure the water ... just mixed it up till it forms a standard dough.

here goes.

1/2C rye flour
1/2C WW flour
2tbsp barley malt extract
2tbsp sourdough starter
about 1C water

1/4C soaked barley grains
3C bread flour
200ml stout
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
enough water

1.Make the sponge and leave to ferment for about6hrs
2.Mix dough ingredients to sponge and knead till smooth.
3.Proof till doubled (about 2hrs) then shape.
4.Preheat oven to 220C, and proof for another 45 minutes or so (oh yeah, i slashed it then let it proof, not before loading it in the oven).
5. Bake for 10 minutes, then lower heat to 200-190C and continue for about another 30 minutes.

~mine was covered with oat bran~ :)

Enjoy! :)

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Do they taste as good as they look? I should get outside my usual mode and try making some bread with beer. The zatar and pita are also admirable. I remember once impressing a Middle Eastern store owner with my knowledge of zatar. ;o)

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thx teresa! :)

Yep they tasted good :)...and the sugars made the bread have a soft crust. hehe

I used normal barley grains. Would have used malted ones though.