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Source for Spanish bread flour & yeasts. Panasonic breadmaker

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Source for Spanish bread flour & yeasts. Panasonic breadmaker

Hello folks - I just moved from UK to Spain along with my trust Panasonic SDD255 breadmaker.

I would appreciate guidance to sourcing flour, yeast and baking enhancer as substitutes for the brands I was familiar with in UK to bake for my household and friends. 

I live in the Malaga area so I am looking for any specialist outlets as well as online sources. My Spanish is not yet fluent although I can read/translate

Many thanks


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Hopefully, someone with local knowledge will reply, but I think you want "harina de fuerza", as shown on this webpage:

If you find a W value printed on the packet, so much the better if it is over 300, like that one. W is a good indicator of flour strength.

Once you get your breadmaker up and running, have a try at the Galician classic, Pan Gallego I've never made it, but it's on the list!



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Thanks for the help so far. I've sourced the basic flours/yeast.

Here are some other pleas for help:

Multi grain - interested to concoct a multi-grain flour loaf mix using Spanish flours. Can't source a multi-grain add-in/recipe?

Bread improver - about EUR5/50g in UK but EUR 25/50g in Spain. I can smuggle import but are there local sources?

Gradually moving towards towards Pitufo fresh bread but meantime I have other UK tastebuds to satisfy!