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Happy belated Purim!

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Ilya Flyamer

Happy belated Purim!

Posting a bit late - last weekend it was Purim, so I baked the traditional Hamantaschen and cinnamon rolls :) I think this year the Hamantaschen are the best ones yet.


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Yes, you are right ! These are more tempting and inviting than even last years!

Every time I am at the local specialty international market and see the ready to bake poppy seed, I think of your pastries.

I love  those triangles ones.

חג פורים שמח

[a copy and paste but sincerely sent :) ]

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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you! Making them is quite straightforward, try it :) If you can't be bothered with the triangular shaping, just baking it as a roll is also a totally valid approach.

I still haven't tried the prepared poppy seed filling, I wonder how it compares. Luckily I can find the steamed crushed poppy seeds here and make my own easily, but for a not special occasion I might experiment with a ready made one if I get one next time I'm shopping in Germany...

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Lovely, glad I finally got to see the post, thought I'd missed it this year! They look delicious.

Best one yet is tempting, maybe I'll make mine Ilya-style next year. I take it you're still using CLAS in your formula or just instant yeast this year?


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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you Jon! Yes, I used CLAS this year too. The formula is the same as previous times. I think what made the difference is that I used a slightly weaker flour, but kneaded it well, let it rise at room temperature and punched down a couple of times before using, and rolled it out a bit thinner. The dough was less sticky and easy to work with.

Also in the filling I used agave syrup instead of honey which I forgot to buy, and it makes no difference IMO.