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Vanilla protein powder

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Vanilla protein powder

I have this sourdough chocolate marble sandwich loaf recipe. When I make the dough I divide it in half to one half I add 24g Dutch cocoa powder and 30g milk( which makes it chocolate tasting of course) so the other half is usually plain but I want to add 24 grams of a vanilla powder with the milk( like I add with the cocoa powder), can I use vanilla protein powder? It will look like the picture but the white will be vanilla flavor instead of plain. I made that loaf and it’s good but would be better if I can incorporate vanilla..

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Moe C

I guess nobody knows. You might have to experiment. Have you considered adding vanilla directly to the dough? Vanilla extract in the liquid, or vanilla bean-soaked milk, without adding any powder?

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I like the idea of the vanilla bean-soaked milk, or maybe vanilla sugar or vanilla bean paste. I've never used these, so I can't gauge an amount. My limited experience with vanilla protein powders is that the whey protein has a stronger flavor than milk and many of the powders have artificial sweeteners that may give the bread an odd aftertaste.