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Thinking about Easter....

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Thinking about Easter....

I need a treat. (those usually involve flour and yeast in my house)  Deb Pearlman (Smitten Kitchen) posted a recipe for a cheater braided brioche with lemon curd and cream cheese (A la Danish) I'm tempted. But I don't do regular will convert to starter - minus orange blossom water this time. 

Can't decide if I want to do do that or if I want to do a bunne-tone repeat, or an actual Pannetone.  Not sure I have time for Pannetone ( as IMHO it has to have candied fruit, and for corn allergy girl here that means making my own, and I don't actually have any at the moment)

What are you baking for easter?  I will definitely make some buttery dinner rolls, but other than that I'm still pondering. 

Happy Baking! and Happy Easter!



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A sweet Easter bread I have struggled to get right so far but is wonderful to eat, is Greek (Armenian?) Tsoureki.

This is a mainstream recipe from KA, but I have also come across a couple of versions at Chainbaker. Also pondering some Greek originals too, this one with SD rather than commercial yeast but in Greek so needs some interpreting of what is going on in the video.     

The characteristic taste comes from the spices (cherry stone powder and ground mastic resin) so important to get hold of them if at all possible. 

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That's ambitious!  hope it works out for you, it looks interesting.