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The Bread Bible's Basic Soft White Sandwich Loaf

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The Bread Bible's Basic Soft White Sandwich Loaf

I baked this one today (started it yesterday) and I am impressed. I had never tasted a sandwich loaf so good! I have made rustic breads before but not sandwich loaves because I don't normally eat that type of bread so my husband just buys his from the supermarket (Pepperridge Farm type). I think from now on, there will be no eating supermarket plastic bread in this house! So good!




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Very nice and I bet hubby loves it. The Bread Bible is one of the books I don't have but I decided I need to go on a Book Diet so until I fall off my diet I won't buy it.        


Great job with your bread.                                     weavershouse

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Nice work, looks perfect.  Haven't tried that recipe from Bread Bible but will have to do so sometime. 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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I have Beth's Bread machine book and wonder if that recipe is the same as in this book, I tried the country white bread and it was so good, I finally got it right, after making so many bad loaves, I tried the same recipe in the pullman pan  and it was good, perfect size for a slice of cheese, my son told me to stick to this recipe, I got my pullman pan from for alot less than the pain de mei pan at KA, same pan . I got the 13 inch, perfect for the Lock and Lock bread container. If this book you have is different, maybe more detailed than mine, I will get it.

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HAve you got the recipe for that loaf please looks amazing