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Hobart A200 Restoration

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Tim Albano

Hobart A200 Restoration

*** Update.  I hit it with a torch.  Slid right off.  Just got it hot to the touch.  Enough to liquify the ancient grease that was holding it on.  


I purchased an old Hobart A200.  I am in the process of stripping it down for repaint and maintenance.  I can’t seem to be able to get the drip ring to come off.  Anyone have experience with one of these?  


Thank you!!!!

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I just received for free an A-200 and I want remove the "thing" that turns the paddles.  Sorry not sure of the name of the item.  Is the drip collar that you're speaking about that ring around the outside?  Do you know if it's as easy as removing the nut that holds that assembly and the whole thing drops out?