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Bagel Mixer for small operation

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Bagel Mixer for small operation

I am trying to find the right mixer to make about 300-400 bagels. I will be doing them in batches but would like to do a 25lb bag of flour for each batch. The dough is about a 50% hydration. I am looking at two commissary kitchens. One has a 40qt planetary mixer, the other a 60qt spiral. 

Does anyone know which one would handle 25lbs of flour at a time best?

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I think it would have to be the 60qt spiral, because the 40qt planetary is probably just a bit too small for that. Hobart lists 35lb of dough as the maximum for heavy bread dough in their 40qt model, and at 50% hydration you'd be looking at probably around 38lb of dough. You might be able to make it work, but it would put increased strain on the mixer, and you wouldn't have any headroom to scale up.