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Banneton Size

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Banneton Size

I have a birthday coming up, so I decided to get some real bannetons to replace the stainless steel bowls lined with dishtowels, and one of my wife's decorative oval baskets, which I would also line with a dish towel. The bowls and baskets seemed to work OK but what the hell, it'll be my birthday soon.

I used Pantry's Mama's banneton size guide, based on dough weight

I typically bake single loaves with ~800g of dough, and double loaves with ~1500g.  

PM's recommendations worked OK for the first single loaves, one oval and one round.  But the recommended round basket for a 1500g double loaf (SFBI's is 12" at the bottom and wider at the top) resulted in a bigger diameter and lower height than I had been getting using a bowl.

Formula:  Hamelman's Workday 100% Whole Wheat

Photos of past loaves proofed in a bowl, and today's proofed in the  banneton:

Workday Whole Wheat Proofed in 8.5" Bowl

Workday Whole Wheat Proofed in a 12" Banneton

I'm going to splurge on an 8 3/4" round coil banneton for round double loaves, very close top the size of the bowl I used to use. 

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The Roadside Pi...

Not that the 8.5 is bad, I just think 1500 g of dough needs the extra room.

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Will F.