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I Need a Pizza Dough Recipe for a 16-inch Pan

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Mangia Pane

I Need a Pizza Dough Recipe for a 16-inch Pan


I am going to make pizza and I have a large 16-inch circular pan. I think the flour amount will be around 3 cups but just want to be sure. Does anyone have the measurements for the ingredients for one 16-inch crust (in cups please). Thank you everyone!

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Mangia Pane

PS - I like the crust to be medium thickness. Neither thin nor too thick. Thanks!

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I don't do this size these days as there are only two of us at home now.  However, the basic recipe I used was three cups of flour and I  use 3/4 part AP to 1/4 part of whole wheat, but this is a personal preference.  I use a tsp of instant yeast and 4Tbs of olive oil.  I don't really measure the water out but rather add it in until the dough comes together with the right consistency.  I'll do folds in the mixing bowl for about 10 minutes.  My recipe takes about 3 hours to be ready for baking and I normally do a couple of stretch and folds at an hour interval.  You can also reduce the yeast a bit and do an overnight fermentation in the fridge.

Lately I have been using King Arthur Pizza flour which appeared in our local Harris Teeter Grocery .  It gives a nice thin crust pizza


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Mangia Pane

That sounds about right. I’m going with three cups. I’ll double it and make two balls. Bake one and freeze the other for later use. Cheers!

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I think 3 cups (360 - 370g) will be about right.  I just made a ball of dough that had 120g of flour and it made a 9-inch disk that was what I would call thin but not very thin.


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300g flour: half Tipo 00 and half semolina rimacinata

200g water

1/2 envelope commercial yeast

18g salt

2 turns EVOO


Combine dry ingredients and whisk.  Add water and EVOO and mix until it comes together.  Turn onto the counter and knead until smooth.  I use 50-100 French folds (slap-folds) depending on my mood.   Place in oiled bowl, leave for 2 hours to rise or overnight in the refrigerator.  


Remove from bowl, place on oiled pan and stretch to fit.   Or place on a floured surface and stretch, then place in non-oiled pan or screen.   Top and bake on highest oven temperature until done (~10-20 minutes depending on oven temp).

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Mangia Pane

That would be about right for a 14 inch crust, if my math is correct.