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Asiago Loaves results- good and bad

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Carol Cuevas

Asiago Loaves results- good and bad

In my introduction to The Fresh Loaf, I described my history of bread making, in that moving to the Deep South from West Virginia negatively effected my bread making. Here are the results of Asiago Loaves using a biga in my kitchen in Mississippi.

Proofer: Old, crappy oven. Maintained a temperature of 77.4F (25.22C) using both manual and digital thermometers....I blew it on humidity because I forgot to add hot water to the oven and didn't record it from the digital thermometer.

Biga : Proofed for 21 hours--had a very spongy consistency that produced a very stretchy and somewhat sticky dough. Excellent aroma.

Bulk Rise: 2 1/2 hours with 2 stretch and fold sets after the first and second hours.

Final Rise: 45 minutes.

Bake: 450F (232.2C) for 22 minutes.


Negative--Not what I intended. I wanted a flatter bread that could produce bread sticks and hot soft croutons. What I got were actual loaves. The dough domed up during the bake way more than I expected.....I would have liked the crumb to be more open.

Positive.--- My husband loved the bread. I loved the bread. The crust is chewy and the bread spongy and flavorful. We made muffaletta sandwiches with it.

Suggestions welcomed.