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Flash format video

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Flash format video

Salutations, my friends.

First let me say, it is colder than a witches *** this morning! 

Back on topic. At the top of the page there is a video tab. On the second page of the threads there are a collection of very cool bread shaping/scoring videos. Sadly, these videos are in the now retied "Flash" format. Is there any way (app) that will allow these videos to play? Thanks for any advice.

Kind regards,

Will F.

P.S. I guess Should add a photo for attention.

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You should be able to download the Flash animation to your computer.  Once it's there, there are several possibilities - see this link:

(I have never tried this so I can't personally vouch for these methods, but it sounds reasonable).


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Ha! I didn't realize those were still linked, and that they were in a (very) outdated format.