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20231013 Bagels with CLAS

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20231013 Bagels with CLAS


Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS). 



These days, I mostly bake bread using the air fryer and occasionally depend on the bread machine. I reserve the big oven solely for baking for those who hold a special place in my heart as VIPs.

One day, one of these VIPs came home. I made his favorite bread—bagels—in the big oven, following the Montreal-style bagel workflow that captivated me when I first tried it some time ago. Using this process to create the delightful crunchy-chewy bagels I adore proves far more efficient than the traditional New York approach. Incorporating CLAS into the process creates a win-win combo that delivers both crunchiness, chewiness, and flavorful bagels in under two hours.

My bagels tend to be on the sweeter side. To dial down the sweetness, simply reduce the amount of sugar in the dough and honey in the boiling water.



3% whole rye flour from rye CLAS

97% beehive AP

6% sugar

5% egg

5.7% water from rye CLAS

49% warm water or milk

1.3 - 1.7% avocado oil

1.5% salt (NOT optional, unless you use VERY sweet boiling water to mask the blandness of a salt-free dough. Otherwise, you'll risk ruining the entire batch.)

0.2% dry yeast

0.9% Briess CBW® dark dry malt extract

RAW sesame seeds for coating

Total flour used: 1 kg


2.5L H₂O 

6 TBSP  honey




develop the dough FULLY

DT 30C


33-36-40C x 45mins

Temperature fluctuations due to using an electric blanket for bulk.




Store the divided dough in the fridge to slow down further fermentation.



Store the shaped dough in the fridge to slow down further fermentation.


Line a half-sheet pan with parchment paper and sprinkle it with cornmeal made with pulsed flaked corn.

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Boil 2.5L of water with 6 TBSP of honey.


Boil the shaped bagels for ~ 20 seconds on each side or until they float.


Coat the boiled bagels with seeds.



6 bagels at once

no stone no steam

preheat to 460F














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Toasted sesame, homegrown chives, and cream cheese




P.S. 20231216

Chinese "bagels" (1) and (2) were new to me until recently.




The VIP got a taste of the 'real deal' in Montreal. Frankly, if these bagels are as bland as the salt-free recipe the bakery handed out, I'll definitely pass on them.




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Those look terrific! I love the sandwiches you made up too.

I never heard of flaked corn before - It looks like it's from the hobbyist brew shops.

2 hours-that is such a fast process. 

This is a must try! Thank you for your recipe!!  So glad you figured it out for us.

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Hi Jo_en,

Yeah, I bought the flaked corn from a brew shop along with malted grains for my CLAS. But, darn it, some of those malted grains are infested. I'm concerned that whatever else is in that box might be affected too, so I'm tossing the whole thing and really hoping the infestation didn't spread to the nearby 50-pound bags.


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These look great Yippie. I have yet to try my hand at bagels, they look like they’d be fun to make.