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jalapeño puree in clas loaf

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jalapeño puree in clas loaf

This large loaf uses some (6.4%) roasted jalapeño pureed with a bit of raw onion which counts as part of the total liquid (70% hydration). 1 whole egg is also counted as part of total liquid. 

Add-ins are toasted pepitas and grated cheese. 

What a lift clas gives to just the 1 tsp diy!

The fragrance fills the air and the bread is so soft and airy. Final Internal temp-208F.

I am saving it for our senior lunch in a couple of days. I hope the flavors will further develop.

The large loaf, mini loaf and some bread sticks (breakable for light, airy and crunchy croutons) can be made from 1505 g total dough.

recipe at foodgeek

(develop dough in 3 - 10 min stages-Zojirushi mixer)

(500gr total flour, makes 1009 gr dough)

88%:  440 gr AP 

2%:  10gr freshly milled whole wheat malt 

7%:  35 gr med rye flour (or freshly milled whole rye)  

3%:  44 gr rye clas (3% total flour from rye in clas, 190% hydration)

321 total liquid:  Water and

   6.4%: 32 gr roasted jal. chili puree (a bit of raw onion ok)

   1 egg beaten


0.7%: 3.5 diy (1.1 tsp)

2%:  10 gr salt


7.2%:  36 gr butter

Add-ins last 5 min

12%:  60 g toasted pepitas


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A very creative bake!

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last 2 pieces; (12% whole grain milled,88%AP)