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The Giorilli Panettone II

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The Giorilli Panettone II

Good afternoon all!

It has been a while since my last entry on TFL. It's panettone season, so I thought I would make them again using maestro Giorilli's formula. I followed the same procedure as outlined in my previous blog entry, here:

I am quite pleased with the results. Here are some pictures.




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It looks delicious!

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Thank you very much!

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Funny, I spent today making that recipe you adapted as well (though I made a half batch). It came out pretty well, but plenty of room for improvement. I think that might be too little dough to effectively work in the kitchen-aid. I struggled to get it to stay off the hook. The dough was a bit sticky at shaping time, tending to smear the counter rather than staying together easily. Then at bake time it was pretty much impossible to score. 

Do you proof the shaped panettoni uncovered to form an easily cuttable skin? 

I made 3 x 350g Panettoni 



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That is one beautiful panettone. The crumb looks so soft and even. I somehow always end up a couple of large holes on top, which may be due to slight overproofing, I am not sure.

Yes, I proof them uncovered, and I never had an issue scoring them that way. 

As for the Kitchenaid, you may be right that there is no sufficient dough in the bowl. I always make a large batch. My molds are big, they are for about 1kg panettone, so I always make more than 2 kg of dough. That's sufficient for my Kitchenaid with a 5 liter bowl.

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They look incredible Peter, well done!

Soft and vertical crumb, you are mastering this!


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Thank you Michael, it means a lot to hear it from such an expert as you. Your posts on TFL and on your personal website on pasta madre management have been most helpful in this whole process.