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Hamelman's 66% Sourdough Rye

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Hamelman's 66% Sourdough Rye

I made the dough per "Bread" and baked half as a loaf and half as buns.

The loaf had the best grigne I have made in a while; instead of the usual dutch oven I used baking stones above and below, a steam pan, and an additional spritz on the loaf after 5 minutes in the oven.  

I waited 24 hrs to slice it (not easy to wait); it was pretty good, but not quite as good as another Hamelman formula that used whole rye (sourdough rye with walnuts; this one was medium rye and bread flour). The whole rye really did get better over 3-4 days; we'll see if this one does.

66% Sourdough Rye Photos

66% Sourdough Rye Formula - "Bread"  3rd edition

This week, I'll try out the coarse rye meal aka pumpernickel, ie whole rye, coarsely ground flour I got for Jewish Bakery Pumpernickel - The Rye Baker as gifts for our Thanksgiving host.  And if don't bake Hamelman's triple-decker challah in Bread Formulas, I may not be invited back next year.