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Deep dish pizza

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Deep dish pizza

Hello, I have never made traditional "chicago style" deep dish pizza before. I was wondering if you can use a traditonal pizza crust recipe or is there a different recipe for a deep dish crust? Also, do you still bake it in a 500 degree oven like thin crust? Do I need a deep dish pizza pan, or can I use a cake pan?

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Joe Fisher

I actually just made my first Chicago pie the other day. From my reading, there are a few things that make a Chicago pie a Chicago pie:

  • A crust that is more like a flaky biscuit crust than a tossed NY style.
  • Toppings go on in a different order:

    1. Meats and veggies
    2. Cheese
    3. Tomato sauce (usually minimally seasoned crushed tomatoes

  • It's made in a pan.

To make my Chicago pie, I used a 12" cast-iron skillet. Technically, the pan should have straight sides, and be a regular metal pan. You can find them online.

As for recipe, technique, and pictures, check out my thread here:
Pizza thread

I'll post my recipe and technique for ya.