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Danish style whole grain bread

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Danish style whole grain bread


1 cup Bob's Red Mill 7 grain cereal

1 cup coarsely ground rye berries 

½ cup whole grain coarse corn meal 

2 cups raw unsalted pumpkin seeds

½ cup golden flaxseed 

Lukewarm water to cover the seeds and grains

1 heaped tablespoon of rye starter

Mix everything together,  add more water if necessary, cover and let stand overnight in a place that's not too cold


2 cups of wholegrain rye flour 

2 cups of wholegrain wheat flour 

2 ½ cups water 

2 heaped tablespoons of rye starter

Mix together,  cover, place in lukewarm place (oven with the lightbulb on) and ket ferment overnight 

In the morning mix the dough and the soaker together, add 3½ teaspoons if salt, 4 tablespoons molasses or dark syrup, adjust amount  of water (I like this dough to be really loose, but it's not necessary) 

Let the dough rest for 30‐45 minutes in the bowl. Then spoon it into prepared pan or pans. I used two IKEA aluminum loaf pans for this amount of dough. Brush surface with water. Let proof until the dough reaches the edge of the pan and shows some broken bubbles on the surface. Bake 10 minutes at 490, then 20 at 475, 30 at 390. Take out of the form, put back in the oven, lower the temp to 365 and bake additional 15 minutes or until done

Recipe adapted from the True North Kitchen website



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This looks perfect for this style of bread.  Great job.

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It's very tasty and keeps fresh for a long time. Perfect for busy time, as it's a very hand off procedure

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I tried this and bombed. The bread fell apart when I pulled it from the pan. I managed to preserve a portion -- but it feels like I had way too many seeds and not enough dough.

What's more, despite the massive amount of tempting add-ins, the flavor was not particularly complex or sweet or even alluring.

I definitely did something wrong.

But what?

Perhaps I overfermented it?


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It seems like you baked it free-form; consider baking it in a tin P.S.lined with parchment slings.

Toast the seeds/flour, etc.

Season the dough to your taste; try various percentages of salt and sweetener.

Last but not least, use CLAS.😉😉😉


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thx, yippee!

I know it doesn't look it -- but I did bake it in a loaf pan. It stuck and burnt along the sides and at the lip and tore apart when I tried to free it.

Great advice to toast the seeds & grains. I also think it needed more salt & sweetener (I almost always cut these back by 1/3 to match my taste buds but that was probably a mistake given the massive amount of seeds.)

My biggest surprise was that the flavor was so unimpressive and the texture so non-bread-like (more like a huge amount of seeds glued together with a minimal amount of bland dough) and this is what's giving me pause about baking this again. I feel like I have to investigate other formulas & think through exactly how to make this bread sing.



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Sorry for the late reply.

Couple things may have gone wrong here:

-hydration to high

-acidity of the starter too low


Low acidity may have also resulted in a bland taste. 

You are right about the texture,  this bread has different texture than "normal" breads, it is supposed to be like this. I personally like it. For more interesting flavor try adding more salt and using bread spices, I like coriander and caraway, but fennel is also nice.

Here is a real recipe you may interested in, I made it many times and it's very good

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thanks, martadella -- Though my starter is acidic enough, I think I overhydrated & overfermented this one. I also think all the added grains & seeds probably needed more salt than I put in.

Thanks for the ryebaker link. I've never done badly with his recipes and I will try this one for sure.



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Sometimes I don't soak my seeds.  I think it's easier to regulate hydration in the morning if they are dry instead of soaked (especially if doing it by feel, as I often do)

Yes, most Mr. Ginsberg's recipes are very good. 

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Of all the styles of rye bread that I have had, this with all the seeds is probably my favorite.  Yours looks excellent and I’m sure I’d enjoy a slice.