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High Extraction Brioche Buns

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High Extraction Brioche Buns

Pork shoulder was on sale last week, so my wife decided she wanted pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and it was up to me to make the buns this past Sunday. I mostly followed Maurizio's brioche hamburger bun recipe, but instead of a blend of whole wheat and white flour I used 100% freshly milled 85% extraction hard red wheat (which I'm obsessed with the past couple of weeks since I bought a new sieve).

The dough didn't rise as much in the bulk ferment as I would have expected, but I was on a strict schedule to get to church, so I put it in the fridge as directed anyway. I had to let it proof longer, but it worked out as the pork also took much longer to cook than I planned and dinner was late.


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Those look wonderful, I’m sure your pulled pork sandwiches were delicious on those brioche buns.