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Asiago Bread

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Asiago Bread

In the summer I live in the Chicago area but I spend seven months of the year in Fort Myers, FL. Down here I greatly miss the great Asiago bread made by Panera (formerly St Louis bread company.) Nobody makes it in this area, so I thought I would give it a try. I was sort of on my own, because I couldn't find a recipe.

I chopped up 2 1/2 oz. of the cheese in a mini blender. I used three cups of flour and followed exactly Floyd's lesson number five for making french bread. I used 1/2 tsp. of dry yeast (bulk from Costco which I keep in the freezer) in the starter and 1/2 tsp. more in the mix. I made the wettest batch I have tried so far. It almost poured like a cake batter.

I didn't put the cheese in the mixer, I incorporated it by spreading some over the surfaces during folding. I put the loaf in a long french bread pan like the one sold by King Arthur for $20.00, but which I bought at a kitchen store in a Tanger outlet mall for $3.00.

When I shaped the roll it was about 2" in diameter. After a 60 min. rise and with the jump, it was over 5" in diameter. With a 500 start, then 450 oven it was done in 15 minutes. It was very light with large holes and a thin crisp crust. Perfect.

The flavor was very good. Next time I will use perhaps another ounce of the cheese to get a little sharper flavor.


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That Asiago Cheese bread is my favorite at Panera's! Thanks for sharing the details of your homemade loaf. IMO the more asiago the better.


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I always add Parmesan to my cheese bread, along with the Asiago. qahtan

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Paddyscake are a very talented baker..I saw an old post with a Wedding cake and your breads always look awesome!
Can you tell me, when do you top the rolls with the cheese to get
that great crispy, gooey look? Thanks

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Thank you for the compliment;-)))

With cheese topping I mix some cheddar grated, along with the asiago and add it on the tops just before they go in the oven....
The cheddar improves the look, well, plus a bit of flavour. Did you see the Guinness and walnut loaf that's very nice,,,,,, qahtan

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Hmmmmm..Looks awesome...would you post the recipe?