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62 and New to Sourdough Baking

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62 and New to Sourdough Baking

Hi all!,

As the title states, at 62 years old I finally decided to give sourdough baking a try and I’m hooked! I’ve made about 4 loaves over the past two weeks and I’m absolutely loving this newfound (for me) way of baking. I live in the Los Angeles area and work full time so I only bake on the weekends. I just found this site today and look forward to hearing everyone’s tips and tricks and learning more about bread baking in general!

~ Anne

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The Roadside Pi...

Enjoy the journey, have fun, and don't be too critical of your first attempts. 98% will be quiet tasty, even if not perfect or pleasing to the eye. 

 On a related note. I have a supply of dehydrated Slow-Mo I keep for an emergency. If you're in need of a proven seed for your sourdough culture, I am happy to share.

Best regards,

Will Falzon

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Welcome AnneSoCal from a fellow SoCal baker. There is a lot of wisdom and advice available from the site as well as the members here. Have fun with your new hobby.



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There are a lot of experts down your way in So Cal! Lots of variety too!

rye, sourdough starter types, etc.

Have fun!

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Hi. It's never too late to start baking. Welcome!