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Seeded rye bread

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Ilya Flyamer

Seeded rye bread

Been a while since I posted any bakes, finally decided to do it again. Baked this mostly rye bread (about 70% whole rye and the rest bread flour) with seeds over the weekend.

Didn't measure everything very carefully, but vaguely:

200 g liquid-ish rye starter, perhaps 150% hydration or so

Preferement with the starter, and 200 g whole rye flour, 250 g warm water. Also added a few pieces of old white bread as altus - soaked it with hot water first, but seems like not long enough, some pieces didn't fully disintegrate, it seems. A a few hours at 28C until well risen and a little sour.

Final dough with about ~500 g whole rye flour, ~300 g bread flour, 150 g toasted and soaked mixed seeds (crushed linseed, pumpkin and sunflower), 14 g salt, tablespoon of malt extract, warm water until dough resembles a soft paste. Fermented around 3 hrs at 30C until well risen and shows holes on the surface. Poured into tins, smoothed the top, sprinkled sunflower seeds. Final proof at 33C until well risen. Sprinkled surface with water, baked in a hot oven(started 240C after a few min reduced to 200C) until done. When taking out sprinkled with water again, wrapped in a towel to cool down.

Surprisingly light, and has a nutty taste from the seeds.


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And what a crumb! Wholesome and full of seeds. Right up my street. 

Lovely, Ilya. 

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Ilya Flyamer

I was also very please with the crumb, thank you Abe! :)

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Those are a few loaves that I'd like to have around to slice at will! They look really good . The  texture you got is a favorite here. I can just imagine the light and enjoyable chew.

Is that 1 long pan or 2 mediums?

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Ilya Flyamer

That's one long cake pan AND 2 small dedicated bread pans :) I went a little overboard, didn't really bother calculating the amount of dough beforehand... And it grew so well, the long one was totally full, and the two small ones nearly full.

Thank you!

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beautiful, Ilya! I'd suspect the flavor is fantastic with the toasted seeds. And the crumb looks superb & lofty.


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Ilya Flyamer

Thanks Rob!

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Wow what a crumb for 70% whole rye Ilya, really well done especially for a loaf that you essentially threw together.  You’ve maltered these kinds of bread.


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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you Benny! Could have gone for more or even no rye I think, it might be even too light for my taste for this style of bread :)