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Tom C

New To Forum

I just wanted to say that I have used the resources on this forum and recommended it to many novice bakers through the years. So I thought I would officially join the forum today. I am retired  a married male that bakes for my wife and I. I enjoy baking all kinds of things . I share my loafs as acts of kindness. My mother got all her children started in baking many years ago. I have a starter that its old and I call it a monster. In our family starters were like squash to a farmer leave your door open and you got some. I am still learning and enjoying baking. I hope to learn from you folks as well and share some to.

Joy and peace to you all

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I'm glad you are here and look forward to your contributions. Please tell us about your favorite bread recipes and methods.

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Welcome Tom.



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Thank you for sharing that bread gifts are openers to new relationships and hearts receiving kindness.

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Being a world-wide forum, it is always interesting to see where folks hale from. Welcome to TFL and please share your favs to make for gifting. 

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Welcome to TFL! As a gardener, I can relate to your squash analogy, lol. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the community here!