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clas in RyeBread's 50-50 Rye/ww formula again :)

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clas in RyeBread's 50-50 Rye/ww formula again :)

I am getting a lot of mileage out of RyeBread's 50-50 formula! (adapted for clas)  

I used  freshly milled grain (87%) and (13%) bread flour as acc. to recipe.

Step 1 is a 6hr ferment with clas + diy (12-24 hr if using a rye starter): whole rye in this step is 37.5% of total flour (includes 1.8% rye from clas); salt-00.36%; diy-0.07% (baker's %). Clas is only added at this step-only 1.8% compared to 8-12% in wheat loaves!!!

Step 2 - make main dough- Bamberg chocolate rye malt-3.6%,  replaces some of the whole rye flour in this step.  The color it gives is so deep and clear!  Dough is developed over 24 min - Zojirushi Knead; salt and  diy added after 8min; add sugared orange zest- 4.3%, last 4 min of knead.

[Step 1 and 2 at 30C]

Overall hydration is 76%; total diy - 00.21%.

Final Rise 1.5 hr. [On this bake, the  dough in loaf pan went into the refrig. overnight after 40 min into final rise... no overnight baking tonight!]

Morning-dough leave 2-3hr at room temp;  bake in Zojirushi - 10 min preheat and 55 min bake. 205F ending temp.

I forgot to put the dough seam side up after final shape - will try for nice rye bread cracks next time!

Goes  great with roast beef  and mustard!!  Foodgeek  link