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Home milled red wheat and lupin flakes

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Home milled red wheat and lupin flakes

This morning i have done a fast bake with a 1 hour bulk fermentation time This dough is made from Fresh Milled Red Wheat, Millers 1100 Bakers Flour and Lupin Flakes from the Lupin Coi also used some of the sour dough starter that is kept in the fridge left overs after revival feeds to bring the starter amount back to a manageable size. I calculate that as half flour half water and adjust my formula to accommodate that. The advantage is of course much less waste as well as flavours that have been generated in the prolonged fermentation. In this instance the S/D starter isnt being used for the doughs fermentation that's where the added yeast is employed and the reason this is a fast dough. A hybrid in fact. the new mixer is allowing me to make larger doughs, juggling the oven is what's needed now.     


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I can't wait to see the crumb as these look like my kind of bread-rough texture, grainy bits, nocely browned  and a nice rise. I have done some great "hybrid" loaves-they often turn out to be the best. The only unfortunate thing is I never tracked (very accurately) what the ingredients were and usually couldn't repeat the experience. Kind of a "fly by the seat of my pants" recipe. 

Post the crumb when able and thank you!

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 There we go i have just cut into it and had a couple of slices , one of the other loaf recipients was raving about its taste  and i must say its very very tasty.

i must say that as i have  progressed along the escalator of life jotting things down has become more and more important even simple things like when dough is taken and the time it goes in the oven and more especially when corrections are made on the run. I Tend to use a sketch book these days 30 x 19cm and  try to write down everything as it happens.      i do run a bread class  where i travel to the home of the budding baker and we have a day of baking together and note taking is something i like to strongly encourage. its  value comes to the fore if there needs to be a review or trouble shooting especially from afar. 


Reminds me of the joke

John  moves into a council house where the houses on the estate  are all the same 

 John  says to the established neighbour  "Gary i'm thinking of  wallpapering my hall and lounge  just like you have done, can i ask how many rolls you purchased"

to which the response was 18!

A  few weeks later the John  says to Gary "i finished the wall papering job and have ended up with 4 rolls over".

Gary says " So did I".

to which  


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Very nice Derek. Love the crumb.

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Debra Wink

I write everything down as it happens. Another great looking bake!

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These look very tasty.  Looks like you’re getting the hang of your new toy 😉😀

Best regards,


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Yes Ian im having great fun  with slightly larger batches , it gives me the chance to give more bread to friends too!

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These look hearty and delicious Derek, I'm sure I'd enjoy them.